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Posted By Susan Bernhardt

In a book that I read on mindfulness and meditation, I came across this analogy that I think ties well with the setting of your book. The renowned Buddhist monk and teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, says “if you look deeply at a flower, its beauty and its freshness, you will see that there is also compost in it, made of garbage. The gardener had the skill to transform this garbage into compost, and with this compost, he made a flower grow.”

By not being afraid of garbage, and by harnessing it, we have the power to convert this organic material into flowers, fruits, and vegetables. He says to apply the same idea to our sorrows, fears, and depression, and convert them into happiness. These bits of garbage are an organic part of real life, and instead of throwing them out of our life, look deeply at them and transform them into flowers of happiness.

Compassion and love are you, anger is also you. There can be no compassion without suffering, and no true love without compassion; so to hope for a life without suffering or pain is dangerous. But by cultivating the energy of mindfulness in us, and by accepting that both the positive and negative are in us, we can guide ourselves in the direction of the positive instead of struggling with the negatives, and bring out the flowers of peace, freedom, and happiness in our lives.

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Thank you, Reshma. Today marks the 10th anniversary of my Father's death. He was a cultivator of compassion and love, in addition to being an excellent gardener. :)




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