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Posted By Susan Bernhardt

I'd like to share my interview with Lorenzo Martinez, author and blogger.

Lorenzo: When and how did you decide to write a cozy versus another type of mystery? 

Susan: I decided to try my hand at writing a cozy mystery after I read two cozy series by M. C. Beaton. Everything about the cozy I liked, the amateur sleuth, the calm, small town setting that hid wickedly, intriguing secrets. The entanglements, the intricacies that lie in the undersurface of living in that small town, and the focus on the relationships.

Lorenzo: The Ginseng Conspiracy is the first mystery in the series. Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to turn your protagonist’s adventures into a series? 

Susan: I planned to have a Kay Driscoll mystery series from the start. When I love a book I never want it to end. And since there are so many means, motives, and opportunities to decrease a small town’s population, a series was inevitable.

Lorenzo: Your protagonist is a retired nurse who volunteers at a free clinic. Nursing was your chosen profession and you still volunteer at a free clinic. Besides the similarities in occupation, what other traits does your heroine share with you? 

Susan: Many traits are similar. Kay is down to earth. She’s persistent. She doesn’t give up when she wants something. She tries to be a good person and a good friend. She believes in justice: That right is right and wrong is wrong. No matter what, no matter who.

Lorenzo: Although your books are not memoirs, were you concerned how friends and family would react when they saw themselves fictionalized in your mysteries? You have borrowed from your own life, have you based some of the characters on people you know? 

Susan:  My family knows that Kay’s family is based on them. I don’t think they mind and may even like it. As far as friends, I get inspiration for my writing from real life. I draw from my own experiences and those around me. Whenever someone has a writer for a friend, there is always a possibility that the writer may be influenced by the person.

Lorenzo: What gave you the most pleasure writing?  

Susan: The Ginseng Conspiracy and Murder Under the Tree are mysteries first and foremost but there is also a lot of humor throughout the books and that made them fun to write. I was also happy to include some of the things that I love in the stories such as art and music.

Posted By Susan Bernhardt

Lorenzo: What's the greatest reward you get from being a writer? Is your family impressed by your success? If so, how do they express it?  

Susan: Personal enjoyment and satisfaction is the greatest reward that I get. I started writing to challenge myself. And I love writing; creating a world that a reader becomes interested in and excited about. And I love it when people tell me that they enjoyed my book and write reviews.

I don't really think that my family is impressed by my being an author, although I did ask my husband when the question came up for this interview. He said he was impressed. :) Smart answer!

When my youngest son was reading The Ginseng Conspiracy , he said about half way through the novel, he stopped reading and thought, he couldn't believe that his mother wrote this book. I have supportive friends and family who have enjoyed the mystery and are happy and thrilled for me, but impressed?

Probably the only person who is impressed is myself. The novelty of being a published author still hasn't worn off and it has already been a year since my first mystery, The Ginseng Conspiracy came out. I hope the novelty never wears off.

Lorenzo: Your second Kay Driscoll mystery takes place during the Christmas holidays. Your first cozy revolved around Halloween. Are you planning other books in the Kay Driscoll series around a holiday? If so, why do holidays intrigue you?

Susan: My third Kay Driscoll mystery, Murder by Fireworks which will be published this Fall takes place around the Fourth of July holiday.

The Ginseng Conspiracy takes place during Halloween. I've always loved Halloween as a kid with my friends and as a parent, making it a fun holiday for my children. I still celebrate the holiday with friends, such as going to a Witches' Tea or a Witches' Night Out or with my husband to Halloween parties and watching Halloween movies.

I came from a large family where holidays were important and we had many family traditions that went with each holiday. We would go home to my parents' for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and would know almost exactly what the activities would be for the entire weekend, extending even to the menu, and we loved all of it. I have many fond memories of holiday celebrations.

I just came back from a Caribbean cruise where I did research for a fourth Kay Driscoll. The fourth Kay Driscoll mystery, unlike the others, will not be holiday related.

Lorenzo: Susan's mysteries are excellent and enjoyable reads any time of year. Thank you so much for being my guest. I wish you the greatest success with your Kay Driscoll Mysteries.

Susan: Lorenzo, you're welcome. It's been a pleasure.

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