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Posted By Susan Bernhardt

Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and 
the soil and sky as canvas. --Elizabeth Murray  
I had a great day putting in my garden. I love gardening and the 
joy that it brings. There's something earthy, a peaceful, relaxed 
feeling that comes over me when I'm out working in my garden. 
Amidst the busy world, all I heard were the birds singing (and the 
street cleaner going up and down the block).

And what a great exercise in mindfulness, discipline, and being in 
the moment! Gardening meets the needs for artistic expression in 
garden design and social connection. Prior to putting in my garden 
I had spent another enjoyable day with a friend going from one 
garden shop to another, planning our dream gardens--our little 
Edens, buying our plants, and discussing gardening tips. 

Gardening is both physical and sensual and offers relatively 
immediate satisfaction. And what's more, it's great being involved 
in the process of creating food from planting to cooking. Anyone 
who has ever tasted home-grown vegetables and herbs knows the 
culinary delights a garden can produce.

Gardeners on the whole are helpful people who have a generous 
spirit. There is something about gardening that makes you want to 
share: be it seeds and plants or lots of gardening advice.

With our gardens, we can bring joy to others as well as ourselves 
and even make the world a better, healthier place or at least 
insure that our neighbors eat healthier. Garden extras can be 
shared with the community because as generous people, sharing is 
what we do. Examples that come to mind other than family and 
friends are giving your extra produce to the local food bank so 
their clients get fresh produce. In my church, gardeners bring 
home-grown produce on Sundays and people who otherwise wouldn't 
have fresh produce, can take what they want on the way out of 

Sharing your garden is a great way to grow!



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