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Today I hosted a summer tea party for a few friends. I wanted it to be a garden tea party but because of the hot temperatures (and the mosquitoes) I decided to set the table in our new sunroom. As you can see the table is quite small and so another table held the food.

I made two fresh cut flower arrangements using the flowers from my garden for each table. (I always hate picking my flowers outside because they look so beautiful there. But garden flowers are sweet.) I placed a little gift, a butterfly cup and saucer with a candle in the cup, at each place setting.

Since "Sweet Marissa's Patisserie" was closed because Marissa was on, for those of you who read my mystery "The Ginseng Conspiracy", everything was home baked. I made a few appetizers, and served my "famous" chocolate cream cheese cake. I had a variety of pastries on a three-tiered serving tray and lemon bars, muffins, homemade dark chocolate almond clusters, dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Earlier this morning I had picked raspberries from my garden and had a bowl of those on the table with cream on the side.

My friends and I wore dresses which was fun and we had a delightful visit while sipping tea and looking out over my gardens. It was the next best thing to a garden tea party and a welcome respite from the ordinary.

Posted By Susan Bernhardt

I've been sitting all Sunday afternoon thinking about a topic I should blog on next. What might my readers enjoy? Should it be on different techniques of writing? Many of my author friends do those. I could choose something related to my mystery, The Ginseng Conspiracy. I'd love to make it into a summer blog but Kay, the protagonist and her best friend, the free-spirited Deirdre, have already visited the farmers' market, planted a garden together, had their tea leaves read in my blogs.

Kay in a previous post was transported into a Degas painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has had multiple romantic dinners with Phil. She's lived, eaten, and loved jazz. Daydreamed, celebrated women and the earth, fantasized.

I could write about the holidays. Well Kay already talked about her party on Cinco de Mayo and celebrated the 4th of July with her extended family. I've had a number of blogs on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Spring and Autumn Equinox. And vacations, Kay's told about attending a classical concert in Venice.

Then there is the untamed, modern woman Elizabeth from my novel who has lots of exciting times with the three men she is dating, but that could be too riske.

Should I blog about my typical weekend when home? Too boring.

Maybe I should have a guest blogger.

Then there's food. I've already done that too, the benefits of chocolate, different fruits and vegetables. I think everyone might be herbal-ed out by now. Is herbal-ed out a word?

No, really, what should I blog about? I'd love to cover a requested topic in a future blog post.




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