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Posted By Susan Bernhardt
Phil and I attended a Christmas concert in the Cities. The program 
was Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". I had bought the tickets 
as an early Christmas present for Phil, knowing how much he loved 

The lively sounds of the strings, announced the arrival of Spring. 
It invoked images of flowers and sunshine. I reached for Phil's 
hand. It was warm and receptive. He turned to me and smiled, a 
smile that was as joyful as Spring itself.

Holding Phil's hand, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the 
different movements in the composition. In the slow meditative 
music, I heard things coming to life. I soon became lost in its 

I felt the movement of Summer, a piece mellowed by the sound of 
the cellos. I wished there were only three seasons to Vivaldi's 
year. Summer was pleasant enough, but it felt like a long, sleepy 
drought, and I wanted the colors of autumn to liven things up.

Autumn joyfully entered in. Progressive, unstoppable. Leaves of 
orange, yellow, and red swirled before my eyes, and as the leaves 
fell to the ground, winter arrived.

With winter, the resolution of Vivaldi's piece, came fulfillment. 
The realization of love. Chasing snowflakes. Dreaming of life and 
all that was good with Phil and my family.

"Kay, wake up. The concert is over. You missed it." Phil's voice 
had a peaceful, contented feeling to it.

"I must have fallen asleep. But Phil, I didn't miss any of it," I 
said with a smile.

The music had inspired the imagery of my dream.
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