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I have many happy memories of holidays at home growing up. I came from a large family where holidays were important, each having its own special traditions. Holidays were much anticipated times of the year, during which unexpected things might happen.

When I was a child, the Christmas holidays began on St. Nicholas Day, December 6th. Before I went to bed the evening of the 5th, I would search for my longest stocking I could find and would lay it out for St. Nicholas to come that night to fill it with candy, fruit, and peanuts. 

On Christmas Eve we would have a holiday supper with immediate family and then gather around the tree and open gifts. Often I would get an outfit to wear to midnight mass that evening. Before mass, there would be a concert in church. As a child it was hard to stay awake and I remember my head bobbing up and down throughout the service. As I got older it was interesting to see who would show up with whom. Often young adults would come with dates. When we came back home my mother would have a meal prepared and we ate around 2 a.m. before going to bed.

On Christmas Day our grandparents would join us for dinner and later in the day relatives would start arriving for a visit. During the week between Christmas and New Years we would visit or be visited by relatives every evening. Such wonderful memories. 

I wish you all a very special Christmas filled with much love and many blessings!! May you always believe in the magic at this special time of year. 

Peace, Love, Joy





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