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The story of A Manhattan Murder Mystery (An Irina Curtius Mystery) begins the day before Valentine's Day and goes into March. Although this is a mystery and not a romance story, Irina has a lot to say about love. 

"I know what love is, it is because of you." – Hermann Hesse

Valentine's Day is a great holiday for many reasons. It comes after all of the "good will towards men" has worn off. We take time to celebrate love. And love is love, right? Love is never wrong.

It's quite wonderful that we take a day to think about the people closest to us, that makes the other 364 days worth living. Love need not have words, only the beating of hearts. But the expression, "I love you," can send one flying high. There is no message more joyful then those three magical words.

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Who, being loved, is poor?" – Oscar Wilde


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I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.          ~ Charles Dickens 


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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I am grateful...I am blessed. 

I am grateful to God for life and for the life that I have. 

I am grateful for my family, my extended family. To my parents who showed me love and taught me that all people have worth, not just those who look like me.

I am blessed and thankful for my husband my best friend, for our dear sons and their wonderful partners. For our adorable grandson. I love my family. 

I am grateful for friends, new and old. And being an author, I am grateful for my readers, some of whom have become friends. 

I am grateful for large things and small things: art, health, joy, love, creativity, reading, music, travel, chocolate, coffee...okay, I'll end this. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and weekend. 


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Paradise Can Be Murder


Kay, Phil, and friends are looking forward to taking their first vacation together on a Caribbean cruise. Visits to exotic islands, sailing through turquoise waters, luxurious dining, and great entertainment await them. But Paradise Can Be Murder when one of the guests on board dies an unnatural death.

With their innate curiosity, Kay and company find themselves in the heart of the investigation. Will they find justice for the victim, amidst secrets and deceit, before the cruise comes to an end and the murderer leaves the ship? Time is ticking away.

Meanwhile, a racially charged hate crime back home shakes the community of Sudbury Falls.

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Phil lived, ate, and breathed jazz. Kay was into Asian food. They 
knew hot food and cool jazz were good for the soul. And cooking 
was after all just improvisation that used food instead of music. 
So Phil hit the play button to some transcendental Miles Davis 
while Kay collected the needed ingredients. They both started 
chopping away for their first appetizer, spring rolls using 
serrano pepper to add a little spice. 
When you start out with good ingredients, and mix them all 
together, you can't go wrong, just like with jazz. So now, they 
were really cooking with jazz to get to where it's going. Next 
they prepared toe tapping, lip smacking chilli prawns.

"I really like the interplay between Paul Chambers' bass line and 
Mile's rift on the horn," Phil said.

"Kind of like the interplay between the chilli sauce and the 
garlic," Kay added.

"Er, yea exactly." 

The chilli prawns were fired up and captivating like Ella 
Fitzgerald singing Fascinating Rhythm and 'S Wonderful. And Kay 
had fascinating rhythm when she stir-fried her next two dishes 
keeping it in constant motion. The beef satay and Thai red chicken 
curry sizzled, while they listened to the savory sounds of Arturo 
Sandoval's horn.

They sat down to their fiery feast with the laid back sounds of 
Bill Evans and  toasted their culinary achievements.

"And now for the finale," Phil said.

"Phil, earlier I made a mango sorbet that's sweet and light."

"I was thinking of the music, but sweet and light sounds good."

A minute later, the sound of Keith Jarrett's piano floated from 
the speakers. 

Live, eat, love jazz.
. . . . . . . . . . .
Chilli Prawns

12 large green (raw) prawns peeled, tails left intact, deveined. 
3 T. vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves, crushed
3 dried red chillies, soaked, drained, and chopped
2 T. chilli sauce
4 T. tomato sauce
1 cup hot chicken stock
½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. cornstarch, blended with 1 T. cold water
4 spring onions, chopped
1 egg white

Heat oil in wok and fry prawns quickly, drain, set aside. Drain 
off all but 1 T. oil, and reheat. Add garlic, chillies, sauces, 
stock, salt and sugar, and stir well to mix. Add cornstarch paste, 
bring to boil and stir one minute. Add prawns and spring oinions 
and toss to coat. Add egg white and stir until sauce thickens. 
Serve immediately with fragrant coconut rice or steamed jasmine 
rice. Serves 2-4.



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